Diversity/World View Courses

To support a Maryland state initiative and the college’s commitment to promoting diversity on campus, all associate degree-seeking students must complete a three-credit Diversity/

World View designated course. Over 80 courses include diversity as a major theme.



ANTH-101, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 
ANTH-201, Anthropology of American Culture



ART-125, Art Appreciation 
ART-135, Art of the Western World, Prehistoric - 1300 
ART-136, Art of the Western World, 1300 - Present



BUAD-101, Introduction to Business 
BUAD-150, Human Relations 
BUAD-201, Business Ethics 
BUAD-210, Culture and Diversity in the Workplace



CHIN-101, Elementary Chinese 1 
CHIN-102, Elementary Chinese 2 
CHIN-201, Intermediate Chinese 1 
CHIN-202, Intermediate Chinese 2


Criminal Justice

CRIM-106, Law Enforcement and the Community 
CRIM-205, Criminal Justice Ethics



DVTY-115, Diversity in the U.S.: Living in a Multicultural Society


Early Childhood Education

ECE-101, Child Growth and Development 
ECE-102, Introduction to Early Childhood Education 
ECE-104 Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education 
ECE-120, Literacy in Early Childhood Education 
ECE-210, Child Care Administration



EDUC-120, Introduction to Education 
EDUC-130, Introduction to Special Education 
EDUC-201, Processes and Acquisition of Reading 
EDUC-202, Teaching Reading in the Content Areas, Part 1


Emergency Medical Services

EMS-260, Special Populations



ENGL-102, College Writing 2 
ENGL-103, Advanced College Writing 
ENGL-160, Travel Study 
ENGL-201, Classic World Writers 
ENGL-202, Modern World Writers 
ENGL-205, Southern Writers 
ENGL-211, Voices in American Literature 
ENGL-240, British Literature since 1798



ENGR-100, Introduction to Engineering


Environmental Science

ENV-100, Environmental Science


Fine and Performing Arts

FPA-101, Introduction to the Arts 
FPA-105, Introduction to Film



FREN-101, Elementary French 1 
FREN-102, Elementary French 2 
FREN-201, Intermediate French 1 
FREN-202, Intermediate French 2



GERM-101, Elementary German 1 
GERM-102, Elementary German 2



GEOG-105, Human Geography 
GEOG-201, Regional Geography and Global Awareness



HIST-130, Latin American History 
HIST-135, History of the Middle East 
HIST-160, Travel Study 
HIST-201, Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich 
HIST-202, Modern British History 
HIST-205, Cold War America: 1945-1991 
HIST-210, The Era of the American Civil War 
HIST-220, The American Civil Rights Movement 
HIST-225, America in the Global Society 
HIST-235, The Great War and the Twenty Year Truce



HLTH-201, Women’s Health



HONOR-201, Exploring Leadership 
HONOR-202, Service Learning: Values in Action Capstone



HUMT-160, Travel Study



ITAL-101, Elementary Italian 1 
ITAL-102, Elementary Italian 2



MGMT-201, Principles of Management 
MGMT-210, Human Resource Management



MKTG-201, Principles of Marketing



MUSIC-104, World Music



NURS-103, Fundamentals of Nursing 
NURS-211, Medical-Surgery Nursing 1 
NURS-212, Medical-Surgery Nursing 2 
NURS-213, Medical Surgery Nursing 3 
NURS-214, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 
NURS-217, Maternal Child Health Nursing 
NURS-220, Preparation for Practice, Part 1 
NURS-222, Nursing throughout the Developmental Stages 
NURS-223, Issues in Practical Nursing



PHIL-105, Ethics 
PHIL-115, Introduction to World Religions 
PHIL-120, World Philosophy 
PHIL-201, Business Ethics 
PHIL-210, Peace Studies 
PHIL-215, American Philosophy 
PHIL-220, Ideas on Drugs


Political Science

POLS-210, Peace Studies



PORT-101, Elementary Portuguese 1


Physical Therapist Assistant

PTA-101, The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant 
PTA-111, Clinical Science 1 
PTA-212, Clinical Science 2 
PTA-213, Treating Special Populations 
PTA-231, Overview of Special Populations



SOC-101, Introduction to Sociology 
SOC-105, Marriage and Family 
SOC-110, Social Problems 
SOC-120, Social Gerontology



SPAN-101, Elementary Spanish 1 
SPAN-102, Elementary Spanish 2 
SPAN-201, Intermediate Spanish 1 
SPAN-202, Intermediate Spanish 2 
SPAN-205, Advanced Spanish Conversation



THTR-101, Theatre Appreciation 
THTR-120, History of Theatre 1 
THTR-121, History of Theatre 2

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