Diversity/World View


Carroll fosters awareness and increases students, faculty and staff's competence on equity, diversity and multicultural and global awareness issues through its practices and activities.

The following goals and planning/curricular statements were established to promote diversity and global views among students, faculty and staff.

  • Mission-based Institutional Goal: Embrace an increasingly diverse and changing world, encouraging students, faculty and staff to value diversity, cultivate global awareness, promote social justice and welcome new ways of working and learning.
  • General Education Mission: Carroll's General Education Program introduces students to the fundamental knowledge, skills and values essential for exploring academic disciplines, encouraging intellectual curiosity, pursuing life-long learning and fostering personal and social responsibility in a diverse, complex and changing world.
    • General Education Competency 6: Global Awareness
      Students will acknowledge and comprehend the beliefs, behaviors and values of diverse populations within a global environment.
    • General Education Competency 7: Personal Development and Social Responsibility
      Students will recognize and engage in personal and social behaviors responsible for the wellness of self and community.
  • Academic and Student Affairs Plan FY 2013 - 2015 - Assure that students and staff develop competencies and values associated with Diversity and Global Awareness

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