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College Congratulates Winter Graduating Class

Release Date: 1/18/2007


CONTACT: Sylvia Blair
Community Relations Coordinator/Web Editor

Carroll Community College Congratulates Winter Graduating Class

Carroll Community College (Carroll) is proud to recognize the members of its graduating winter class, whose coursework was completed in December. Carroll offers three graduation opportunities each year, in the winter, spring, and summer. This accommodates students who begin their coursework in different parts of the year. There is one graduation ceremony in May, to which all graduates are invited.

Carroll would like to congratulate the following graduates who received degrees:

Lisa Marie Alban,  Business Administration
Tanya Marie Alexander,  General Studies
Kyle Jarrett Anderson,  General Studies
Nicholas Matthew Bair,  Arts and Sciences
Megan Danielle Barrow,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Kyle William Beall,  Business Administration
Kenneth Robert Bellomy,  General Studies
Stephanie Vanessa Bernot,  Business Administration
Tyeast Malin Beyer,  Arts and Sciences
Jennifer May Black,  Arts and Sciences
Jocelyn Maria Bredenburg,  General Studies
Ashley Dawn Brenneman,  Arts and Sciences
Lindsay A. Bubel,  General Studies
Kristen Diane Carrigan,  Business Administration
Courtney Carduff Caruso,  General Studies
Julie Marie Cavey,  General Studies
Heather Clark,  General Studies
Ellen Sue Clarke,  General Studies
Christopher S. Clayton,  Elementary Education
Serena-Lynn P. Cox,  Arts and Sciences
Tasha La Shae Cramer,  General Studies
Senora Ann Cressman,  Arts and Sciences
Tanya M. Crosco,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Alexander Braden Curran, Computer Information Systems: Systems Support
Kimberly Ann Cushing,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Jeannie M. Deibel,  Arts and Sciences
Jennifer L. DiGangi,  Arts and Sciences
Kristin De Vries Dotson,  Arts and Sciences
Mustafa Durrani,  Arts and Sciences
Rose Anne Embrey,  Accounting
Joshua Alexander Hughes Ensor,  Business Administration
Brenda Lee Feeser,  Elementary Education
Jessica M. Fleming,  Arts and Sciences
Richard Steve France,  Arts and Sciences
Joshua Lee Fuss,  Arts and Sciences
Valerie Ann Gale,  General Studies
Judith A. Gardner,  Accounting
Tammy Glendenning,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Stephen Michael Gray,  Arts and Sciences
Robyn Ann Grimes,  Arts and Sciences
Terence A. Grove',  Arts and Sciences
Wade J. Guard,  Arts and Sciences
Sarah R. Haines,  Business Administration
Andrew J. Hardsock,  General Studies
Ahmad Rashad Hawkins,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Emily Christine Hemler,  Arts and Sciences
Mark W. Henry,  Computer
Megan Elizabeth Herman,  Arts and Sciences
Allison Michelle Hoffman,  Arts and Sciences
Diane Whitney Honeycutt,  Arts and Sciences
Michael Houck,  General Studies
Angela Jean Hulver,  Business Administration
Justin Hunter Ingraham,  Business Administration
Gavin F. Jennings,  General Studies
Catherine Elizabeth Karp,  Arts and Sciences
Lori Maureen Killian,  Teacher Education
Abbie Elizabeth Koller,  Arts and Sciences
Kathleen A. Kovel,  Computer Graphics: Print Design Concentration
Kimberly Michelle Kraft,  Early Childhood Education
Jacquelynne Kay Kram,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Gabriella Elizabeth Love,  General Studies
Amber Renea Luhn,  General Studies
Kenneth Scott Martin,  General Studies
Joshua Ray Massey, Computer Graphics: Multimedia Design Concentration
Nathaniel G. Miller,  Arts and Sciences
Wendy L. Miller,  General Studies
Holly Nicole Moan,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Jamie Alexandra Mort,  Arts and Sciences
Brock William Myers,  General Studies
Christina M. Pfaff,  Arts and Sciences
Pamela Lyn Plante,  Business Administration
Kajal M. Rathod,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Gary Sterling Redding,  General Studies
Jacqueline Lee Rettberg,  Arts and Sciences
Dale Courtney Rich,  Arts and Sciences
Korienne Rogers,  Arts and Sciences
Sara Nicole Samples,  General Studies
Megan Ashley Saylor,  General Studies
Ryan D. Scull,  Arts and Sciences
Stephani Deann Shipley,  Arts and Sciences
Jennifer L. Smith,  Business Administration
Joshua C. Smith,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Lauren Marie Stallings,  Arts and Sciences
Jessica Lynn Steele,  General Studies
Melissa Lynn Stickles,  Elementary Education
Amanda Leigh Strayer,  Arts and Sciences
Fara Patrice Topolsky,  Arts and Sciences
Meagan D. Tracey,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Shelba A. Uhrin,  Arts and Sciences
Jason Michael Varner,  General Studies
Sherry Lynne Waddell,  Arts and Sciences
Dolly Waters,  Early Childhood Education
Erin Nicole Weaver,  Teacher Education
Amber M. L. Wheeler,  Arts and Sciences
Kirby Chanelle White,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Catherine A. Windisch,  Business Administration
Laura Dudley Winters,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Jason R. Wood,  Arts and Sciences
Jean L. Wood,  Business Administration
Adam Joseph Young,  Computer Graphics: Print Design Concentration
Erin Margaret Young,  Arts and Sciences
Stephen Christopher Young,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Boris Olegovich Yurganov,  Physical Therapist Assistant
Michael William Zablocki,  Arts and Sciences
Ian Eric Zile,  Arts and Sciences

These students received certificates in December:
Lindsay A. Bubel,  Office Technology
Christopher Ryan Hart,  Office Technology



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