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Blackboard (Bb) is Carroll's online course management system that connects faculty and students in all credit and selected Continuing Education and Training courses. Students are able to view course syllabi, read announcements from instructors, view assignments, submit coursework online, participate in online discussions with other classmates, and check grades.

All students taking credit courses are automatically provided with a Bb username and password and given access to the Bb course site for each of their registered courses. Course sites are not viewable to the student until the start of the term; one week prior for distance learning courses.

  • Username: includes the student's first name, last name and last four (4) digits of his/her college ID number; in most cases this is the same as the student's WebAdvisor username. The username does not include caps, spaces or punctuation. Usernames are limited to 24 characters. Students with a long name may enter their name, but they must stop with at the 24th character.
  • Password: includes the full seven (7) digit college ID number. The college/student ID can be found on the student's acceptance letter, term schedule, ID card (example below), grade reports from previous terms, or any official correspondence from the college. The sample college ID card below has the college ID number circled.

    For example, joestudent4567 is the username, and 1234567 is the default password.

College ID card with ID number circled


After the first log in, students should change their passwords by clicking on "personal information" in the Tools area of their My Carroll (Welcome) page. Students are encouraged to explore the Student Blackboard Orientation Course in their My Courses listing.

Students are enrolled automatically into the correct Bb course sites and removed automatically if a course is officially dropped. This is done through the integration between our student records software, WebAdvisor, and Bb.  


Frequently Asked Questions from Students

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