Blackboard Faculty Manual - Grade Book


Basics about the Bb grade book:

  • Students are automatically entered into the Bb grade book once they register for the course.
  • Items and grades can be manually entered into the grade book
    • Your Bb grade book should match the grading information that you provided on the syllabus.
  • Grades from tests and assignments created within Bb can be set to automatically be graded and posted within the Bb grade book

Adding an item to the grade book (for non-online tests)

  • Go to: Control panel > Assessment > Grade book
  • Click on “Add Item”
  • Review table below for details for the Add/Modify Grade book Items.
Item Name: Enter a title for the new Grade Book item:  Your Grade Book should match the grading information that you provided on the syllabus.
Category: Select a category, such as Homework or Quiz, from the drop-down list
Description: Enter a description of the Grade book Item
Date: Select a date for the Grade book Item from the drop down list, or click the Calendar icon and choose a date
Points Possible: Enter  the maximum number of points possible for this item
Display As: Select how the grade should be displayed from the drop-down list
Make item visible to Students: Select Yes to enable Student to view the item
Select No and Students will be unable to view the item

Entering grades for an item in the grade book (not an automatically graded item):

  • Go to:  Control panel > Assessment > Grade Book
  • Click on the column heading of the item for which you want to enter grades
  • Choose “Item Grade List”
  • Enter a grade in the box for corresponding student name
  • Submit

Managing Items in the grade book

This feature allows you to modify or remove items from the grade book. You can also change the order in which the items appear in the grade book.

  • Go to: Control panel > Assessment > Grade book
  • Click on “Manage Items”
  • Modify or remove items, as appropriate. (You cannot remove/delete an item from the grade book if it is employed somewhere in the course.)

Manually grading items in the grade book

  • Go into the grade book via the Control Panel
  • ! (exclamation point) in the grade book indicates that a student has submitted something that needs to be manually graded.
  • Click on the ! to view the submission of a student
  • Click on "view" on the next screen
  • Grade the test/exam

Downloading grades into Excel

If you want to keep a copy of the Bb grade book in a separate Excel file:

  • Go to:  Control panel > Grade book  
  • Click on "download grades" (located in listing at the top of the page)
  • Click "comma" (delimiter type on the next screen) and submit
  • Click "Download" (on the next screen)
  • Click "Save" and save to your computer or portable device
  • Close once file has been saved

Open the file in Excel

Viewing grades (AND clearing a student attempt)

  • Go to Control panel > assessment > grade book
  • Click on the score for a particular test to view an individual student’s work
  • Click on “view” on the next screen
  • Review the student’s test
  • Click “clear attempt” only if you want to give the student another attempt (if you have set up the test parameters allowing only one attempt at the test).
  • Click on a student name to view information for that student

Modifying grades for an item (exam/quiz) that was automatically graded by Bb

  1. Go to Control panel > Assessment > Grade book
  2. Click on the grade for the student whose grade you want to modify
  3. Change the student’s total grade by editing in the box or click on “view” to view the entire test and modify the points for a particular test question.
    Note: If you give half points the half point must appear in the format 0.5, not .5.
  4. Submit

Watch 6-minute video about the gradebook at  (automated demo begins about 30 seconds after first screen)

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