Blackboard Faculty Manual - Testing

Testing - Step 1: Create the pool (optional)

The Pool Manager allows you to create and store questions for repeated use. You can create your own pool of questions or use those provided to you via a course cartridge. With the exception of minor text changes, such as correcting a typo, a pool should not be modified if students have already begun taking an Assessment that draws questions from the pool.

  1. Control Panel; Assessment; Pool Manager
  2. Click “Add Pool”
  3. Enter the name and description
  4. Submit.
  5. Choose a question type from the drop down list. (If you are pulling questions from another pool or another test choose “from question pool or assessment” located at the bottom of the drop down list.)
    Note: You can modify creation settings by clicking on “Creation settings”. You must choose these options before creating any questions in order for the options to be applied. Options you can choose include:

    Provide feedback for individual answers
    Add images, files, and URL’s to questions
    Add images and files to answers
    Add categories and keywords to questions

  6. Click “Go”.
  7. Enter the text of the question and the answer. Not all types of questions can be automatically graded (example, essay). If the question is of the type that can be automatically graded be sure to indicate the correct answer so Blackboard can grade the question. If you fail to enter a correct answer it will be marked incorrect for the student.
  8. Complete the feedback options in the “Correct Response” and “Incorrect Response” text boxes. This is optional.
  9. Submit.
  10. Review the question you have created. Click on “Add Question Here” or “Go” to add another question.
  11. Complete the rest of the questions in the same manner
  12. Click “Ok” when you are finished creating questions for the pool

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