Graphing Calculators

6. Graphing Calculators

Question: Which courses require a graphing calculator? Which one should I get? 
Answer: Graphing calculators are required for many math classes here at Carroll Community College. While other graphing calculators are allowed (check with your instructor FIRST), mathematics instructors will only support the recommended calculator listed after each course below.

  • MAT-099 Intermediate Algebra - TI-83/83 plus/84 plus 
  • MATH-115 Introduction to Statistical Methods  - TI-83/83 plus/84 plus
  • MATH-120 Introduction to College Mathematics - TI-83/83 plus/84 plus
  • MATH-130 Pre-Calculus - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200
  • MATH-135 Calculus of a Single Variable I - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200
  • MATH-136 Calculus of a Single Variable II - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200
  • MATH-206 Multivariable Calculus - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200
  • MATH-210 Linear Algebra - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200
  • MATH-215 Differential Equations - TI-83/83 plus/84/89/92 plus/Voyage 200


Question: Where can I get these calculators? I've heard from a friend in a Calculus course that the TI-89/92 plus is hard to find in Westminster.
Answer: Most retail stores that sell electronics will sell graphing calculators. Our list below is a list of suggested places in Westminster (and elsewhere) that have been known to carry at least some of the recommended graphing calculators. The math department (nor Carroll Community College) does not support one establishment over another and we do not have any arrangements with any of the stores. If you know of an additional store (or reputable web site) that sells these calculators, we would love to add them to this growing list. Send your store name or website to

Retail Stores in the area

  • Carroll Bookstore
  • Target
  • Staples
  • Office Max
  • Walmart 
  • Kmart

Web sites

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