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Clinical Instructor Qualifications

Information regarding the qualifications of clinical instructors assigned to PTA students is acquired through the clinical center information form (CCIF) and through verbal and e-mail communication with the site. This is necessary to maintain accurate information in the volatile clinical staffing climate. The program utilizes the APTA's statements regarding clinical instructor attributes:




Physical therapists/physical therapist assistants willing to be involved in the educational and supervision of individuals pursuing a career in the physical therapy profession.



  1. Possess a current physical therapy license or physical therapy assistant license/registration/certification as required by the physical therapy practice act in the state in which they are practicing.
  2. Practice for a minimum of one year where clinical instruction will occur.
  3. Show interest in developing knowledge and skills to provide clinical teaching.
  4. Possess the ability to plan, conduct and evaluate a clinical education experience based on sound educational principles.
  5. Possess the ability to develop written objectives for a variety of learning experiences, organize activities to accomplish these objectives, and effectively supervise students to facilitate learning and clinical reasoning.
  6. Demonstrate professional skills, acting as a role model for students.
  7. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  8. Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationship skills.
  9. Communicate with the center coordinator for clinical education (CCCE) and academic coordinator of clinical education (ACCE)/director of clinical education (DCE) in a timely manner as needed.
  10. Seek assistance/resources as needed to manage issues of clinical education that is in the best interest of students.
  11. Participate in a multifaceted evaluation process of the clinical education program.
  12. Work collaboratively with the physical therapist to supervise physical therapist students (in the case of the physical therapist assistant).

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