Academic Program - Criminial Justice & Legal Studies

Mission Statement

The Social Science program offers courses that examine the ways in which individuals, groups, institutions, or segments of societies behave, function and influence one another. We introduce students to a variety of methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and apply qualitative and quantitative data as related to social phenomenon and individual behavior. A global perspective is emphasized to enable students to make responsible and informed decisions. Students who take social science courses are usually on a transfer pattern for a BA or BS degree.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of course content.
  • Goal 2: Students will apply social science concepts to problem solving situations.
  • Goal 3: Students will be able to locate, organize and analyze facts.
    Goal 4: Students will be able to effectively communicate course content with others. This may be in written or oral form.


Program Contact

Michael Stovall

Division Chair, Social Sciences

DepartmentSocial Sciences 
Phone410 386-8206 

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