Academic Program - Office Technology

Mission Statement

The Office Technology curriculum prepares students for administrative careers in industry, government, medicine, and law. Each program seeks to provide students not only with technical skills, but also with the necessary analytical and conceptual skills to perform successfully in the modern office environment.

The duties of an Administrative Assistant vary from organization to organization. Administrative assistants are information specialists who facilitate the flow of information into the organization through receiving and responding to requests via mail, email, and phone, as well as from other parts of the organization. They also assist in the dissemination of information through the creation of effective written correspondence. The Letter of Recognition program assists students in developing technology skills required for success in this field.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: To develop keyboarding proficiency using word processing software.
  • Goal 2: To create and format mailable business documents.
  • Goal 3: To perform advanced operations on text-based documents while using the Microsoft Word Software package.



Program Contact

Margo Chaney

Program Coordinator of OT/IT

DepartmentBusiness & Technology 
Phone410 386-8253 

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