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Business Administration--General Business A.A. Transfer Program

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Associate of Arts

Faculty Advisor: Nancy Kimble · Phone: 410-386-8292 · Email:

The Business Administration major introduces students to the field of business. Many graduates from this program transfer to four-year colleges as business majors with a concentration in marketing, management, accounting, finance, international business, human resource management, or management information systems. This program of study is also appropriate for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges in fields of study outside of business. An associate’s degree in business, when combined with a bachelor’s degree in another field of study, will equip students with knowledge in their area of expertise as well as the language and decision-making process of management. The associate degree in Business Administration is also appropriate for those who wish to conclude their studies at the associate’s level. The degree program provides students with an understanding of how and why decisions are made within a business and how to be a productive member on an organization.

There are three emphases within the Business Administration major. The first, Business Administration—General Business, provides students with a well-rounded core of courses within the traditional concepts of business: accounting, economics, management, marketing and law. The second, Business Administration—Management Information Systems, combines study in the area of computer information systems with an understanding of business. The third, Business Administration—International Business, is customized for students with an interest in international business and finance.

Business majors with a 3.200 GPA may be eligible for membership in Alpha Beta Gamma. For more information, see page 36 in the 2014 - 2015 College Catalog. 

Program Requirements
 ACCT-101  Principles of Accounting 1  3 credits
 ACCT-102  Principles of Accounting 2  3 credits
 BUAD-101  Introduction to Business  3 credits
 BUAD-205  Business Law  3 credits
 CIS-101  Introducation to Computer Information Systems  3 credits
 ECON-101   Principles of Micro Economics  3 credits
 MGMT-201  Principles of Management  3 credits
 MKTG-201  Principles of Marketing   3 credits

 Refer to ARTSYS  and the receiving institution's
 catalog to select transferable courses

 2 credits


 course other than those listed above

 3 credits
General Education Requirements 
   Arts and Humanities  3 credits
 SPCH-101  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
   Biological and Physical Sciences  7 - 8 credits
   Emerging Issues  3 credits
   English Composition and Literature  6 credits
   Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
   Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 ECON-102  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
   Total Credits   60

Diversity/ World View requirement met (BUAD-101, ENGL-102, MGMT-201, MKTG-201).

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