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Nursing - Registered Nurse Track for Licensed Practical Nurses

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Associate of Science

Faculty Advisor: Nancy Perry • Phone: 410-386-8231 • Email:

Licensed Practical Nurses with an active, unencumbered Maryland license are able to complete the Associate Degree Nursing Program after fulfillment of the degree requirements. In addition, they will need to complete NURS-131, NURS-132 and NURS-203 in the summer before they begin the program of study. After successful completion of these courses with a minimum grade of C, they will be awarded nine articulated credits for the first year of the program. Minimum entrance GPA is 2.500.


Practical Nursing Graduates from Carroll:
Graduates of the practical nursing certificate program who return within 2 years of completion with an active Maryland unencumbered practical nursing license, fulfillment of the degree requirements and successful score at the end of the first year HESI exam will not be required to complete any additional courses. Graduates with an active Maryland unencumbered practical nursing license and fulfillment of the degree requirements, who return after more than 2 years after degree completion, will need to successfully complete NURS-203 the summer before they begin the program of study. Minimum entrance GPA is 2.500.

* Within the last five years
= Within five years of BIOL-210 and BIOL-215
# Must have a minimum grade of C


Pre-clinical Requirements
   Arts and Humanities
 (ENGL-102, -201, -202, -211 or -240, required)
 3 credits
   Arts and Humanities (from Fine and Performing
 Arts or Communications areas, required)
 3 credits
 # =BIOL-101  Biological and Physical Sciences  4 credits
 *# BIOL-210  Biological and Physical Sciences  4 credits
 # ENGL-101  English Composition  3 credits
 # MATH-115  Mathematics  4 credits
 # PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 # SOC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 *# BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
 *# BIOL-215  Microbiology  4 credits 
 # PSYC-210  Human Development Through the Life Span  3 credits
Clinical Requirements
 # NURS-131  Health Assessment  4 credit
 # NURS-132  Medication Administration  2 credits
 # NURS-140  Nursing Concepts 2 (Articulated credit with
 unencumbered Maryland LPN license and
 successful completion of NURS-203)
 9 credits
 # NURS-203  LPN to RN Transition  5 credits
 # NURS-233  Nursing Concepts 3  8 credits
 # NURS-242  Nursing Concepts Clinical 4  7 credits
   Total Credits   70

Diversity/ World View requirement met (NURS-133, NURS-140, NURS-233, NURS-242 and SOC-101).

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