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CGR - Graphic Design Career Program

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Faculty Advisor: Scott Gore · Phone: 410-386-8467 · Email:

This certificate outlines a sequence of courses designed for artists and technicians working in the design field or those who would like to obtain employment as computer graphic designers, computer illustrators and desktop publishers. (See corresponding degree program for details.) Although courses may be taken in any sequence as long as prerequisites are met, certain courses (CGR-110 and CGR-115) are strongly recommended before others as the skills developed in these courses are utilized and applied in the more advanced courses.


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Program Length: 18 months
Certificate Requirements
 ART-105  2-D Design  3 credits
 ART-110  3-D Design  3 credits
 ART-115  Color  3 credits
 CGR-105  Introduction to Computer Graphics  3 credits
 CGR-110  Typography  3 credits
 CGR-115  Graphic Design 1  3 credits
 CGR-120  Digital Photography  3 credits
 CGR-157  Introduction to Web Page Design  3 credits
 CGR-250  Publication Design on Computers 
 (Spring Term only)
 3 credits
 CGR-252  Computer Illustration (Fall Term only)  3 credits
 CGR-270  Portfolio and Career Development  3 credits
 Elective  Any CAD or CGR course  3 credits
 Elective  Any elective course (internship recommended)  2 credits
   Total Credits   38


Related Occupations 

 Commercial and Industrial
 Interior Designers
 Craft Artists  Multi-Media Artists and
 Designers, All Other  Prepress Technicians and Workers
 Desktop Publishers  Print Binding and Finishing 
 Etchers and Engravers  Photographers
 Fashion Designers  Photographic Process Workers
 and Processing Machine 

 Film and Video Editors

 Printing Press Operator
 Fine Artists, Including Painters,
 Sculptors and Illustrators
 Set and Exhibit Designers
 Graphic Designer  


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