Entrepreneurship in Child Care

This series of courses recognizes achievement in business creation, development and marketing, business operations, finance management, legalities and online presence related to child care. Courses are tailored for those who want to start or maintain a child care business. Some courses count for Core of Knowledge: Professionalism hours.

Successfully complete this series and earn an Award of Recognition. Call 410-386-8100 for more information.

Courses to Complete

Complete six core courses:

  • Business Communications (SBA565)
  • Creating an Effective Website for Your Child Care Business* (XXZ114)
  • Finances and Planning for Your Child Care Business*(SBA621)
  • Marketing Your Child Care Business* (XXZ105)
  • Regulations in Child Care* (SBA623)
  • Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements (SBA597)
  • Understanding Management-Operations of a Child Care Business*(SBA620)

Complete four electives:

  • Business News (SBA613)
  • Hiring and Firing (XXZ043 or SBA406)
  • Launching Your New Business (XXZ676 or SBA557)
  • Managing Priorities (SBA555)
  • Networking Like a Pro (XXZ082)

*These courses also count as Core of Knowledge: Professionalism hours.

Total number of hours: Varies

Licensure/certification earned: None

Total approximate cost: Varies

Prerequisites: None

Requirements: Courses can be taken in any order. Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate.

Information unique to the training: None

Related courses: None

Estimated hourly pay: N/A

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