One-on-One Training and Consulting

Continuing Education and Training (CET) offers services to meet the needs of individuals beyond the classroom environment.


One-on-One Training
If the non-credit course schedule does not suit your social, business or work schedule, CET can arrange for the same basic course content to be delivered one-on-one, by appointment. The one-on-one training program pairs you with one of the college’s highly-qualified instructors based on your availability. As the only student, an instructor can more readily meet your individual needs.


Online Training
Online training is available on a number of topics including health care, business, construction and automotive technology, media and design, computer technology, sustainability and more. Many of the courses start at just $109. Learn more about CET's online training.


Customized Business Training
CET provides businesses with customized training covering a variety of topics including Microsoft Office, leadership, customer service, Spanish/English training and more. CET uncovers your training needs, develops class content specific to your company, and delivers instruction on campus or at your business. 


Free, private and confidential personal consultations are available to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners through the Miller Center for Small Business. Whether you need help getting your business off the ground or moving it forward, the Miller Center for Small Business can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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