Annual Campaign

Carroll Community College Foundation's Annual Campaign provides funding assistance with ongoing costs such as student scholarships, innovative programs and other worthy initiatives.

The campaign allows the Foundation to quickly respond to the college and student's short term needs, which is vital to the college community's well being. Carroll continually faces the challenges of providing an affordable education and instruction in state of the market settings to area residents. Funding from the Annual Campaign helps our college overcome these challenges.

The Foundation recently conducted the employee phase of the 2014 Annual Campaign. Seventy-nine percent of college staff and faculty have generously supported the campaign by donating over $87,000! This exceptional support demonstrates the dedication of our college community.

If you would like information on how you can support this important initiative, contact the Foundation Office at 410-386-8155.


A student’s perspective:

Samantha Stephan, Carroll Community College Student

“My name is Samantha Stephan and I am in my final semester here at Carroll. As I begin the process of graduating and transferring to Towson University, I can only think that if it was not for Carroll I would not be prepared for either of those things today.

After high school I knew what I wanted to do as a career, but I had no idea where to go to accomplish my goals. At Carroll, I received the knowledge and skills I would need in order to be successful at the college level. From being a Peer Mentor in the GREAT Start program and a Student Ambassador, of course, in the classroom I became confident in myself and my leadership abilities. That, to me, is what education is all about: getting to know yourself and taking control of your future, your life.

So on behalf of all my fellow school mates, I thank you for this opportunity and your generosity! It is very much appreciated.”

- Samantha Stephan, Carroll Community College Student

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