Works Cited / References - Print Sources

The Library provides a number of online style guides and print style manuals which should help in developing your Works Cited or References lists. The following are examples of Works Cited / References entries for some of the commonly used resources. Developing your Works Cited or References lists is a complicated process as you can see below. Be sure to record the descriptive information for each source the first time you use the source.


Book by a single author - APA style

Author's name (last name, initial(s)) (year). Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher. 

Hook, L. (2003). The digital divide: A brief history. New York: Tapestry.


Books by unknown author - MLA style

Title of Book. (Alphabetize entry by the first word of the title skipping "A", "An", or "The".) Edition

number (if any). Place of publication: Publisher, year. Print.

Smyth World Atlas. 5th ed. New York: Ottawa House, 2003. Print.