What makes a web site worthy of my research paper?

After some effective searching, you've found a site about your topic – what do you do now? Regardless of whether you accessed a web site through a library page link or via a search engine like Yahoo or Google, you should evaluate the site for your purposes. Ask yourself:

Refer to the Evaluating Information tutorial or the CCC Library's Evaluating Information Sources document for more criteria.


Here are a few other ways to find out more about a web site:

·        link: - In many search engines, such as Google, Altavista, and Yahoo, the link: tool allows you to get a list of other web sites that have links to the one you are exploring. Type "link:" and the URL address of the site in question (note: do not include a space between the colon and the URL address).   For instance, a search of "link:www.carrollcc.edu" produced more than 100 hits in Google, 4,000+ in Yahoo, and 2,100+ in Altavista.  Seeing what other web sites are linked to yours can be quite revealing.  Let's say the civil rights site you're interested in is linked to by white supremacists and Neo-Nazi groups.  You should probably ask yourself some serious questions about the contents of the site you're reviewing!

·        www.easywhois.com – This site will show you who is registered as owner of a web site. Contact information for the registrant, administrative, and technical managers is provided in addition to creation, expiration and update dates, DNS addresses, etc.  You can then do additional searching on the company or individuals listed.