High School Students

If you have graduated from high school, and are interested in furthering your education at Carroll, complete our enrollment application  and follow our steps to apply . Plus, consider applying for the following opportunities.

If you are a current high school student who is looking to attend Carroll before you graduate, then one of the following applies to you.


Dual Enrollment

Start college when you are in high school. As a concurrent student, you spend half the day in high school and the other half taking college classes. It’s a great way to get a jump start on college and prepare for your first college year.

Steps to apply for Concurrent Enrollment (Carroll County Public School Students)

  1. Schedule an appointment for a planning conference with your high school guidance counselor. 
  2. Complete the Carroll Community College Enrollment Application online or on paper.
  3. Register for reading, English and math placement tests.
  4. After placement testing, complete the online Pre-Advising Session, which provides useful information about college policies and procedures, as well as advice on selecting courses.
  5. Meet with an Admissions professional in A101 to select classes and to register. You are required to have your high school Concurrent Enrollment Application with you at the time of registration.The Admissions office will complete this form and you will return the Concurrent Enrollment Application to your high school guidance counselor for your principal's approval. Many high schools prefer to give you this application after you have received your placement test results. Homeschool students do not require this approval and may register based on test results.
  6. Concurrently enrolled students are not eligible for Financial Aid, but are eligible to utilize the FACTS tuition payment plan, which allows for payment in monthly installments.

Dual Enrollment Placement Testing

We highly recommend preparing for the placement tests. At the time of testing, you need to provide a completed enrollment application that is signed by your parent/guardian. 

If you have taken the SATs or ACTs, your scores could exempt you from some of our placement tests. A 550 SAT English, Math or Verbal score or a 21 ACT English, Math or Verbal score can exempt you for the English, Reading and Math placement tests. You will need to provide documentation of your scores.

Arrange for placement testing by contacting the Admissions Office at 410-386-8430 or visiting room A101. There is no fee for your initial placement test. 


Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented admission is selective. To be considered, students must be 16 years or younger, show a proven record of academic success, and demonstrate their ability to handle college level coursework.

Steps to apply

  1. Complete the seventh grade
  2. Submit the enrollment application - no application fee required
  3. Submit official school transcripts from previous and current schools.
  4. Show satisfactory scores on the college placement tests – reading, English and math 
  5. Provide evidence of “Gifted and Talented” status as defined by Carroll County. Students must score in the 96th percentile by age on one or more of the following tests: Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, Test of Cognitive Skills, WISC III, California Achievement Test, or document a composite SAT score of 1200 or above.
  6. Provide letters of support from a school official. Home schooled students need to provide a letter of support from a reliable reference who can attest to their adaptability, maturity level and ability to succeed in a college environment.
  7. Submit the Statement of Understanding signed by a parent/guardian.
  8. Meet with the Director of Admissions, or a designated professional in the Admissions office.
  9. Complete the online Pre-advising Session.

Prior to turning 16, you must place into college level coursework to be approved for enrollment. Most students take the college placement tests to qualify.

All required documents must be submitted and evaluations must be completed at least two weeks before starting the term.

College placement test scores can be used to determine admission eligibility if 96th percentile evidence cannot be provided.


Early Admissions

You may apply for early admission and enroll as a full-time student at the college, bypassing your senior year of high school.

To qualify, you need fulfill the following:

Provide an above average high school academic achievement record - typically defined as a "B" grade point average

  • Meet with a high school official in your junior year to discuss your intention to enroll at Carroll
  • Submit the enrollment application, official high school transcript, written authorization for a waiver from a high school official, and SAT/ACT scores, if available
  • In lieu of SAT/ACT scores, college placement tests are required to determine eligibility. Make an appointment for placement testing  

Once you have been approved for Early Admission you need to:

  • Complete the online Pre-advising Session
  • Meet with and Admissions professional in A101 to select courses
  • Finalize your registration in the Records office
  • Apply for financial aid - if you have earned your high school diploma or GED
  • Pay the cashier or choose to be billed


Home School Students

Get a jump start on your college education at Carroll. You may attend and earn college credits toward a degree if you meet the college's admissions criteria and complete the following steps to admission.

Students 16 and older must …

  • Complete and return an enrollment application
  • Submit a copy/record of your high school transcript
  • Apply for financial aid - if you have earned your high school diploma or GED
  • Make an appointment for placement testing
  • Complete the online Pre-Advising Session
  • Meet with and Admissions professional in A101
  • Finalize your registration in the Records office
  • Pay the cashier or choose to be billed


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