International Student Admissions

International students need to provide verification of residence to enroll at Carroll on a part-time or full-time basis.

Students who are pursuing F-1 status are eligible for open enrollment programs only, which require a full-time course load (minimum of 12 credit hours) and completion of the program within two years. This eliminates eligibility for several competitive admissions programs in the allied health areas including Nursing.

Tuition rates are based upon immigration status. The following are eligible for in-county tuition rates, based on residence:

  • Permanent residents
  • Resident aliens
  • Officially recognized refugees
  • Students in asylum
  • Students with visas allowing a person to establish a domicile in Maryland, such as the H-1B or H-4 type

Out-of-state tuition is charged to students with temporary visas, including F-1 and J-1. F-1 Visa students must complete an enrollment application and follow the specific admissions requirements

Federal financial aid is not available to international students. Upon being accepted to Carroll, students must provide official documents showing they have the financial means to support themselves during the academic year. This includes all expenses, such as tuition and fees, housing, food, transportation and other personal expenses.

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