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Carroll's Nursing program is transitioning to a fall only start. The next available start date for Registered Nursing (RN) is Fall Term 2016 and Summer Term 2016 for Licensed Practical Nursing to RN applicants. The RN and LPN to RN application cycle runs from Dec. 15 - Feb. 15 each year. The LPN to RN transition program begins each Summer Term.

The Practical Nursing Certificate Program is a summer capstone course for students who successfully complete Terms 1 and 2.

Entrance into the program is selective and is based on academic ability and aptitude for a career as a nurse. Acceptance is completed in conjunction with admission to Carroll. Contact Nancy Perry for more information.


   Nursing Admissions Checklist

  • Submit all official transcripts to the Records Office.

  • Submit proof of high school graduation. This can be an official transcript from your high school, a copy of your diploma, GED certificate or evaluation of a foreign high school transcript.

  • Obtain and submit a College Enrollment Application.

  • Obtain and submit a Nursing Application to Nancy Perry, program director. The application and instructions are available online during open admissions.

    • Fall 2016 admission -  Feb. 15 
    • Licensed Practical Nurses to Registered Nurse (RN) transition program - Summer Term.
  • All documents must be submitted together as a single application packet except for official transcripts, which need to be submitted to the Records Office.

  • Successfully complete, with a minimum grade of C, the following course requirements prior to admission.


Prerequisite Course Points

The admission process awards points for completing the Nursing Application and meeting the above criteria. Students with the highest point totals are accepted conditionally into the clinical portion of the program.

  • BIOL 210, 211, 215 (3 points for A, 2 points for B, 1 point for C, no points are awarded for D or F).

  • ENGL 101 and MATH 115 (2 points for A, 1 point for B, 0.5 point for C, no points are awarded for D or F).

  • Three points are awarded for being a Carroll County resident if you submit a copy of your driver's license showing you are a Carroll County resident.

  • RN applicants:

    • Fall admission
      Three points are awarded for completing all degree requirements for either the Associate of Science Registered Nurse Track or Associate of Science Registered Nurse for Licensed Practical Nurses program by Feb. 15 of the year you plan to begin. Two points are awarded for plans to complete the degree requirements of the program by May 31 of the year you plan to begin.

      For example, if you apply to begin in Fall 2016, you will receive three points if all degree requirements are completed by Feb. 15, 2016; you will receive two points if all degree requirements are planned to be completed by May 31, 2016.
  • If your point total equals that of other students, you and those other students are ranked by overall GPA from highest to lowest.

  • If you have repeated any BIOL pre-requisites within the five-year time frame, points are deducted. One-half point is deducted for a single repeated BIOL pre-requisite. One point is deducted for more than one repeated BIOL pre-requisite. Points are not deducted for originally received a C or C+ in any BIOL course and repeating the course to improve your grade.

  • Grades of D or F in any clinical nursing course result in a one point deduction for each unsuccessful course completion.

  • Eleven points is the minimum total for acceptance.

Courses taken at another college should be shared with the Nursing program so that points may be assessed. A copy of your current course schedule is necessary.

Transfer courses with grades are included and are assigned quality points based on the letter grade. Transfer credit(s) earned without a letter grade (CLEP, AP, military evaluation, Challenge examination) are not assigned quality points or calculated in the GPA.

Initially accepted students who decline acceptance or fail to meet their course requirements result in the next eligible student, with the highest point score, being accepted into the program.


Health and Background Screenings

After being accepted for admission, you must satisfy the following prior to Aug. 15 for Fall admission. Additional information is provided after being accepted. 

  • Evidence of good health as verified by a physician or nurse practitioner documented on our physical examination form (available after admission to the program)

    • Demonstrated laboratory evidence of immunity for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella
    • Proof of completion of Hepatitis B Series or a signed waiver
    • Updated immunization for tetanus
    • Annual seasonal flu immunization
    • No evidence of active TB, updated annually
  • Proof of enrollment in a hospitalization insurance plan

  • Current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate for health care providers (BLS-American Heart Association-Health Care Provider)

  • Completion of a criminal background check and a urine drug screening

The Nursing Program Director reserves the right to refuse admission to the program for failure to satisfy the above requirements.

You must provide your own transportation to clinical sites during each nursing course.

The Maryland Board of Nursing may deny a license to any applicant who has been convicted of or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or to a crime involving moral turpitude, whether or not any appeal or other proceeding is pending to have the conviction or plea set aside.

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