Employment Preparation

Successful employment preparation involves a variety of steps including researching industries, networking, self marketing and interviewing. The following help you to prepare for employment opportunities.


Career Workshops

The Career Development Center offers a variety of workshops to help you improve your job-seeking skills and job development strategies. Learn to become more competitive in the marketplace through our helpful resources.


Resume Tips

Employers receive a lot of resumes and have little time to read each one fully. They tend to initially review resumes for 30 seconds to one minute, so information needs to be relevant, upfront and concise.

 Tips for creating a resume that gets noticed.

  • Customize your resume for each position. Create and use multiple drafts.
  • Limit to one page unless you have extensive, relevant experience.
  • Use results oriented phrases that reflect the skills needed for the job. Quantify your actions and use industry keywords that match the description.
  • Check and recheck for typos, misspellings and grammar.
  • Present sections in similar formats. Avoid paragraphs for tasks; use bullets instead.
  • Avoid templates; they do not allow you to customize.
  • Most employers discourage objectives; if you use one, make it about what you can do, not what you want.
  • If submitting online, save as a PDF and send as attachment.

If you need further assistance, make an appointment for a resume critique!


Resume Software

Utilize the Career Development Center's resume software, located in A118. The software provides template options making it easier for students to create an effective well crafted resume. 


Online Interview Preparation
  • Virtual Interview by Monster.com - The Virtual Interview contains actual interview questions ranging from puff ball to killer. This interactive section gives you the opportunity to test your answers so that when the real event happens you will be ready to engage in a meaningful exchange rather than grope for a clumsy comeback.
  • Informational Interviewing - An overview of useful job search tools including informational interviewing.


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