The Placement Tests

The placement tests are standardized tests used to determine the courses where you will be the most successful, and as such, they are not pass/fail tests. The tests include math, reading, and English. Carroll Community College utilizes Accuplacer, a College Board product.

The math test is comprised of multiple choice questions on an array of topics, similar in format as the SAT's. If it has been a while since you have taken a math course, you should study math before taking the test. The test begins with algebra questions and depending on your performance, you may be challenged by a basic or college-level math test. The test is computerized and untimed. While the testing program provides a calculator, when preferred, you may bring a calculator that meets ACT approval standards.

The reading section tests your knowledge of vocabulary and comprehension. You will read a passage and answer multiple choice questions about the passage. This test is computerized and untimed. If you test into a reading course, you will take a follow-up, diagnostic reading test to determine which reading modules will be required.

The English section can be two parts. The first part is computerized and untimed. The test requires constructing sentences as well as answering grammar questions. If you are borderline for college-level placement, you will be asked to provide a writing sample. For the writing sample, you will have 45 minutes to write a multi-paragraph essay, answering an opinion-based prompt. English professors evaluate the writing sample with a rubric that looks for a main idea, supporting arguments, organization, grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Be sure to review your completed essay and correct any errors. Your English placement is emailed to you in a few days.

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