Military and Veteran Transcripts

To have your military credit and experience evaluated, send all related documents to the Records Office.

Military transcripts often reflect the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Course transferability toward Carroll requirements is evaluated and determined by Carroll faculty department chairs, based on specific course objectives. Carroll typically awards elective credits for military training.

After we have posted your credits to your Carroll record, you will receive an email from the Carroll transcript evaluator, Callie White. Check your email and meet with an Academic Adviser (A102) if you have questions about how to proceed.

If you intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you should also consider the transfer practices of the four-year institution where you plan to attend. The transfer practices for evaluating military experience for academic credit vary by institution.

Requesting Military Transcripts


Register for the Joint Services Transcript (JST). The JST provides a uniform transcript of all military training and experiences to service members of all branches. This new electronic transcript service includes:

  • Army Officer and Warrant Officer training
  • Joint military training conducted by other services
  • DANTES funded test scores

As a result of the merger between Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) to the JST, personnel data should be reviewed for accuracy and to ensure that completed training is documented in the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS).

Navy and Marines

Air Force

  • Log in to the Air Force Portal, which is available for active duty, reserve and veteran Air Force members. 
  • All transcripts are processed overnight and sent via U.S. Postal Service within two business days of the order.

Coast Guard

  • Visit the Coast Guard Institute's website
  • Click “Go to College”
  • Click “Request an official transcript to send to your college”
  • Download and complete the request form and email it to your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or fax, mail or email it to the contact information provided on the form.


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