Student Life Forms

Clubs and Organization Forms

When your organization is planning an event, you may need to obtain funds or permission for certain activities. The following is a list of commonly used forms that you can also find in the Student Life Office (A118).

  • Club Interest Form: Submit if you are looking to join a club. Choose from the list of clubs on the form and provide it to the Student Life Office (A118).   
  • Start A New Club Packet: Provides information about how to start a new club on campus.
  • Budget Request Form: Details how your organization will spend money for Student Activities Finance Board approval.
  • Petty Cash Slip: Needed when requesting $50 or less from your organization account. 
  • Check Request: Use to get funds approved for events or merchandise.
  • Off-Campus Activity Release Form: Required for off-campus activity meetings, etc.
  • Vehicle Request Form: Necessary for taking college cars to off-campus events; drivers must be pre-approved.
  • Schedule Master Request Form: Needed when reserving the Student Center or any room on campus for meetings or events.
  • Facility Set-Up Request: Submit when requesting special furniture, A/V equipment or a specific arrangement.
  • Fundraising Form: Use for any fundraising activities on campus.


Service-Learning Forms

Whether you're a student, a faculty member or a community partner, you will most likely need one or more of the following forms to participate in Service-Learning. Thank you for your commitment to this effort.

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