Leadership Challenge Details

This is a challenge for you to develop your leadership skills—regardless of previous experience or involvement. The program gives you an opportunity to develop your leadership skills on a personal, group and community level. The three different tracks of the program allow you to gain specific leadership knowledge and experience in areas that interest you the most.


Program Tracks
What's In It For You?
Complete the Challenge
Track Requirements


Program Tracks

Just like choosing a major, you can choose from one of these program tracks:


  • Multicultural: This track increases your awareness and competence of equality in an increasingly diverse and changing world.
  • Business: These workshops and service opportunities prepare you for future experiences in your career and workplace.
  • Health and Wellness: This track will develop you personally and professionally for a healthy life or a career in wellness.
  • Emerging Leader: This track allows you to attend workshops in other tracks while gaining a general understanding of leadership.


Through participation in the program, you will build a portfolio demonstrating your leadership skills and involvement and establish an excellent network of connections to students, college faculty and staff, and community members. As a Leadership Challenge participant, you will learn more about yourself and the skills you need to become a better leader.


What's In It For You?

You are guaranteed a variety of intrinsic rewards, but there are also some tangible rewards that lie at the finish line.


Previous Challenge completers have ...

  • Earned over $150,000 in scholarship money
  • Transferred to a variety of schools, including University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Baltimore, Shippensburg University and Mount St. Mary’s College
  • Earned a cumulative GPA of 3.6


You can take your student involvement portfolio with you, which can be used at transfer school interviews, scholarship applications, career and academic interviews, and as a supplement to your resume. At the end of the year, you will receive a certificate and be honored at the Student Leadership Banquet, in May, for completing the challenge. If you graduate as a challenge completer, you also receive an honor pin and are recognized at commencement for your leadership development.


Complete the Challenge

To complete the challenge, you need to participate in these four components:



There are a variety of leadership development workshops and conferences offered throughout the semester. To complete the challenge, you must attend at least four workshops over the course of a year on topics like:

  • Personal Leadership Styles
  • Team-Building
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Diversity
  • Marketing Your Student Leadership Experience
  • Etiquette



Service projects are a way for you to gain practical experience integrating leadership skills and principles, while interacting meaningfully with the community. To complete the challenge, you must participate in at least one project during the academic year and complete a reflection form through the Center for Service-Learning. The service experience can be done in conjunction with a class, a student club or organization, the Center for Service-Learning, or as an individual project.



The third piece of the Leadership Challenge is campus involvement. To complete the challenge, you must demonstrate significant campus involvement during your time at Carroll Community College.

Campus Involvement may include:

  • Involvement in the Student Government Organization, honor societies (Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Beta Gamma, Psi Beta), student clubs or Academic Communities
  • Campus committee work: search committees or Academic Council
  • Working on campus
  • Being an Open House tour guide or New Student Orientation Leader


4. Student Involvement Portfolio

This final piece of the challenge helps you package your experiences and highlight your achievements. It gives you an opportunity to record all of your accomplishments from your time at Carroll, including your academic achievements, leadership experience, campus involvement and career readiness. Your portfolio should be a reflection of you, and will be different for each individual.


Track Requirements

The following are the specific LEARN, SERVE and LEAD requirements for each Leadership Challenge track:


Business Track

  • Three Business LEARNS
  • One Non-Business LEARN
  • One SERVE
  • One LEAD


Multicultural Track

  • Three Multicultural LEARNS
  • One Non-Multicultural LEARN
  • One SERVE
  • One LEAD


Health and Wellness Track

  • Three Health and Wellness LEARNS
  • One Non-Health and Wellness LEARN
  • One SERVE
  • One LEAD


Emerging Leader Track

  • One Emerging Leader LEARN
  • One Multicultural LEARN
  • One Business LEARN
  • One Health and Wellness LEARN
  • One SERVE
  • One LEAD


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