Co-Curricular Service-Learning

Co-curricular Service is performed by student clubs or organizations. Service opportunities are thoughtfully planned, meet identified community needs, and allow structured time for reflection.



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Benefits of Co-curricular Service for Student Clubs and Organizations:
  • Builds unity among club or organization members.
  • Fosters development of leadership and interpersonal skills among members.
  • Broadens perspectives and understanding of diverse cultures and lifestyles within the community.
  • Enhances member recruitment and retention.
  • Broadens community awareness of the club or organization.
  • Allows for sharing specific or specialized skills of club members.



Resources from the Center for Service-Learning are available to help you identify and facilitate appropriate service projects. Below are steps you can take to ensure your club meets its service requirements.

  • Choose the type of service project your club would like to perform: community service or Service-Learning.
  • Identify a subject or population with which your club would like to work.
  • Work with the Coordinator of Experiential Learning and Student Organizations to select a meaningful project that meets the needs of the community as well s the goals of your club.
  • When you decide on your project, submit a Club Service Planning Form to the Student Life Office (A118). Make a copy of the form for your club records!


Club Service Report

For more information about the service-learning requirement for clubs, contact:
Center for Service-Learning
Student Life Office, A118
410- 386-8500


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