Emergency Notifications and Alerts

  • Emergency Notification System - e2Campus

    The college's emergency notification system, e2Campus, instantly and simultaneously provides time-sensitive emergency alerts and school closings/inclement weather announcements to all registered mobile phones, pagers, and e-mail addresses.

    e2Campus messages can also be retrieved from  Facebook and  Twitter or any other social networking site.

    Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to register for e2Campus.

    Please note that inclement weather closings and late starts affect only on-campus and synchronous Teams courses. Asynchronous courses are not affected. 

    Tornado Alert/Siren

    The college has an outdoor warning notification system. A siren sounds in the event of a tornado or other severe weather when seeking immediate shelter is recommended. An announcement will also be made over the college's PA system and on e2Campus.

    In such an event, the campus community should seek shelter in a "Severe Weather Area Shelter" and close all doors to stairwells, interior hallways, rooms and bathrooms. Stay away from and do not open  windows and exterior doors.

    If in a vehicle, get out and seek shelter in a sturdy building. Do not drive or try to outrun a tornado. If a building is not available, a depression such as a ditch or ravine offers some protection.