Trespassing Policy

  • Denial of access to College grounds -- In accordance with the Maryland Annotated  Code, Education Article, Sections 26-102, the governing board, president, or any person designated in writing by the board or any of these persons, may deny access to the building or grounds of the College to any person who: 

    1. Is not a bona fide, currently registered student, or staff or faculty member at the College and who does not have lawful business to pursue at the College; or,
    2. Is a bona fide, currently registered student at the College and has been suspended or expelled from the College, for the duration of the suspension or expulsion: or,
    3. Is a registered sex offender listed on any State Services Sex Offender registry and/or Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Sex Offender registry; or
    4. Acts in a manner that disrupts or disturbs the normal educational functions of the College.  

    Staff may demand identification – Administrative personnel and authorized employees of the College may demand identification and evidence of qualification from any person who desires to use or enter the premises of the institution.

    Agreement with law enforcement agencies – The governing board of the College may enter into an agreement with appropriate law enforcement agencies to carry out the responsibilities of this statute when:

    • College is closed; or,
    • The governing board, president, or any of their designees are not present in the buildings or on the grounds of the institution   

    Penalty – Any person violating this statute is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000, imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both if the person: 

    • Trespasses on the grounds of any public institution higher education;
    • Fails or refuses to leave the grounds of the institution after being requested to do so by an authorized employee of the institution; or
    • Willfully damages or defaces any building, furnishing, statue, monument, memorial, tree, shrub, grass, or flower on the grounds of the institution.   

    Persons authorized to enforce the above statute are:

    • President
    • Executive Vice President, Administration
    • Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs
    • Vice President, Planning, Marketing & Assessment
    • Vice President, Continuing Education and Training
    • Integrity and Judicial Affairs Advocate
    • Director, Facilities Management
    • Director, Risk Management 
    • Chief, Public Safety and Security
    • Security Officers (Carroll Community College employed)
    • Or, any person authorized by the above named individuals 

    REVISED: 11/16/2016