Instructional Formats

  • We Offer a Variety of Formats to Meet Student Needs

  • We offer different instructional formats strategically designed to ensure both student success and safety:

    • Remote Synchronous (RSYNC): Remote Synchronous is our newest course format. This type of course meets with a live instructor via a virtual format (generally through Microsoft Teams, similar to Zoom). You will log in at a scheduled time to participate in the class. All instruction is provided remotely, just as if you were going to class on campus. This is our preferred class format because it offers live instruction, but from a distance.
    • Online (NET): Online classes meet within our Learning Management System called Canvas. This is an asynchronous format, which means you complete weekly work when it’s best for you. You have 24-hour access to your class. This is not a self-paced course; there are weekly assignment deadlines. Tests may be required in the Testing Center by appointment (if safety allows).
    • Hybrid (HYB): Hybrid means that there are some scheduled face-to-face activities, but more that 50% of the class is conducted online (not at a scheduled time/day).

    Tutorial on Course Formats for Fall 2020 


    Q1. If I am scheduled to be on campus for classes and the campus closes, what happens to my classes?

    If you are scheduled for a lecture or hybrid (LECT or HYB) class on campus and the campus needs to close, you will either follow the RSYNC or NET formats described above. Your instructor will communicate with you about these plans. 

    Q2. I am taking an online or remote synchronous course. How do I know if my internet speed or connectivity will work for this class? What is the recommended technology to use to be successful in this class?

    We recommend a reliable home computer and high-speed internet, especially for remote synchronous coursework. Since you will need to be online for live lectures as well as have access to Canvas, our Learning Management System, reliable internet is a requirement. If your home doesn’t have internet access, there are many places in the County with free WiFi access. We keep an up-to-date listing of these locations on our website. If you need to borrow a laptop, please contact the Dean of Students.

    Q3. I am taking a Remote Synchronous (RSYNC) class. Can I do this completely on my phone using my data?

    The Microsoft Teams software has an app that you can download to your phone or mobile device. This app will give you full access to the software. You can join live meetings, view recorded lectures and interact via the chat function. Please note, if you are using data and not WiFi, standard data rates will apply. For more information regarding technology, please visit our Tech Support page.

    Q4. Regardless of which instructional format I choose, when do I need to be registered for the class?

    We always recommend that you register for classes at least 2 weeks prior to the start of classes. During Preview Week (the week before classes begin), students can access their course sites, preview the syllabus, learn more about the instructional format, and preview some of the assignments and course materials. While you may register for a course up to the day it begins, we caution students that if you wait until then, you may not gain access to the course software on that first day. We always recommend early registration!

    Q5. Will New Student Orientation be held on campus?

    We will hold a variety of New Student Orientation sessions in a virtual, but interactive, format during the weeks of August 17 and August 24. We encourage students to register for and attend these sessions. Please see the Orientation page for more information. 

    Q6. Do I have to take ENGL-101 before I am eligible to take all other general education classes like Psychology or History?

    As long as your placement states that you are “eligible for English-101,” you may take other general education courses. You do not need to have English-101 completed to take general education courses. If you have questions about placement and course selection, please visit our Placement Tests page.

    Other instructional formats we offer:

    • Lecture (LECT): Lecture means scheduled face-to-face meetings on campus.
    • Lessons (LESS): This format is used for face-to-face music lessons.
    • Practicum/Clinical (PRAC/CLIN): This format is used for face-to-face clinical settings for Allied Health programs.
    • Laboratory (LAB): This format can include different instructional methods.

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