Leadership Peer Advisory Group

  • NEW! Leadership Peer Advisory Group (LPAG)

    Are you an executive, business owner, government director, team lead or senior HR professional feeling the weight of doing business in an environment of radical disruption? You are not alone.

    Picture yourself surrounded by a select group of high-achieving, dedicated peers with whom you can discuss your most pressing challenges and opportunities, vet decisions, learn how to leverage strengths, discover blind spots and collaboratively create new solutions to your biggest business problems. Now more than ever, senior leaders and professionals need a circle of allies and a structured, safe forum to support them in their journeys. Through the LPAG, participants will build leadership excellence to strengthen their companies and communities.

    How does the LPAG work?

    Advantage C is accepting applications for the September cohort. You and a small group of select peers will meet for a half-day, once a month, for one year beginning in September. Fees are $395 per month and will be billed in two installments – at the beginning of the cohort and at the beginning of month 6.

    Session interactions are structured, confidential and supported by a skilled facilitator. Different from a networking or local business group, a peer advisory group includes hand-selected individuals from a cross-section of diverse organizations to ensure no competing businesses or vendor/client relationships. An in-house option is also available for organizations who prefer to form a group comprised exclusively of internal leaders/professionals.

    To attain maximum value from the LPAG, it is critical that you attend meetings regularly, are open about your challenges and needs, and are willing to support your cohort peers.

    Meet your Facilitator

    Your sessions will be structured, confidential and led by Mike Manion, a leadership development trainer and mentor. Manion facilitated CEO peer advisory cohorts for one of the world’s largest CEO membership organizations for more than eight years and hosted an executive leadership radio program for more than four years. As a skilled facilitator, Manion is dedicated to creating a rich learning experience to help all participants succeed.

    Next Steps

    To be considered for the September cohort, click here to complete an online, confidential survey. Final cohort composition will be announced in August. Contact 410-386-8113 with questions.