Policies - Section Thirteen: Other College Regulations - 16 - Restrooms and Locker Room Use at Carroll Community College Facilities


Carroll Community College provides separate facilities on the basis of sex at all campus buildings for restrooms and locker rooms. Transgender and gender nonconforming individuals are free to access these facilities consistent with their gender identity and are not required to use facilities indicative of their sex assigned at birth.

•      Transgender or Trans describes a person whose gender identity does not correspond to their assigned sex at birth. 

•      Gender Nonconforming describes people whose gender expression differs from stereotypic expectations. The terms gender variant or gender atypical are also used. Gender nonconforming individuals may identify as male, female, some combination of both, or neither. 

•      Gender Identity refers to a person’s deeply felt internal sense of being male or female, regardless of their sex assigned at birth. 

•      Sex Assigned at Birth refers to the sex designation, usually “male” or “female,” assigned to a person when they are born.