Policies - Section Thirteen: Other College Regulations - 9 - Children on Campus


Children are invited to the Carroll Community College campus and warmly encouraged to participate in College events and activities suitable for children. They may also visit the campus on an exceptional basis, particularly when extenuating circumstances interfere with normal childcare. The presence of children shall always be subject to the following conditions: 

  • At all times children must be under the direct supervision of the adult bringing them on campus.
  • Children may not disrupt the learning, business, or professional environment of the College.
  • Unless as part of a recognized Carroll Community College activity under the supervision of a designated College official, children may not use Carroll Community College’s parking areas, roadways, gymnasium, or amphitheater for riding bicycles, rollerblading, skateboarding, or for other recreational purposes.
  • They may not enter any area of the College which may pose a health or safety risk or which contains expensive, fragile, or sensitive equipment.
  • Children are not permitted in the Testing Center.

Parents, whether students, faculty, or staff, are not to bring their children to the College on a routine or regular basis. Only currently enrolled College students, employees, and officially invited College guests are permitted in classrooms and laboratories while classes and other educational activities are being conducted. Bringing children to class is discouraged due to the potential interruption of the learning environment. If an emergency situation requires that a child accompany a student to class, approval from the instructor is required. If an emergency situation requires an employee to bring a child to work, approval of his/her supervisor is required.

Carroll Community College accepts neither responsibility nor liability for injuries that may occur to a child or damages caused by the child while on the Carroll Community College campus. Responsibility for damages and any liability lie entirely and completely with the responsible parent or guardian.

In the event that any of the above conditions are violated, a responsible College official may request the removal of the child from campus. If a request to leave the campus is not honored, the responsible College official may undertake such lawful measures as may be deemed necessary to secure the child’s removal. 

(Approved by the President’s Executive Team, November 5, 2002)