Policies - Section Thirteen: Other College Regulations - 6 - Political Activities - Facility Use


College facilities cannot be used by candidates for campaign purposes. The College is a limited public forum for school sponsored events. College faculty and approved student organizations may sponsor events within the College’s educational mission. These events must be nonpartisan, and require the prior approval of the appropriate Vice President and the President of the College. The College cannot appear to sponsor or endorse any candidate or political party.  

During an election year, outside nonpartisan organizations may use specified College facilities to sponsor political forums or debates for the purposes of providing the community the opportunity to hear diverse political views. The Theater in the Scott Center may be rented on a space-available basis for this purpose by following all College Facility Use Guidelines and Theater Rental Guidelines, including but not limited to a Lease Agreement, Lease Rider, Application for Use, and Fee Schedule. The College will not charge fees for nonpartisan political forums or debates sponsored by the State of Maryland, the Federal Government or the Board of Carroll County Commissioners.   

College classrooms are also eligible for use for this purpose on a space-available basis. The Great Hall in the A Building and the Conferencing Center in the K Building are not available for this purpose unless sponsored by Carroll Community College.