COVID Relief Funds

  • Need help right now paying for your education at Carroll? 

    You could be eligible for financial relief thanks to a variety of Federal and State COVID relief grants as well as those provided by the Carroll Community College Foundation. These grants are available for both credit degree programs and non-credit Workforce Training Certificates.

    To learn how much you could qualify for, contact us today:

    or submit one of the online forms below. 

  • Funding for Degree and Credit Courses

    Students Interested in Credit Courses: For students who want to complete an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year college or university, Carroll offers programs designed for academic and career-oriented preparation. We have transfer agreements with numerous colleges and universities, making Carroll a smart option for students seeking a seamless transition from Carroll into the Bachelor's program of their choice.

  • Funding for Workforce Training Programs

    Carroll offers training for a wide range of skilled career paths that provide you with valuable credentials you can use to start, change or advance your career. Be job ready in as little as two months. Take your career to the next level with a professional training program at Carroll.