Fall 2020 Student Update

  • Updated August 10, 2020

    Dear Students,

    As the fall semester approaches, we would like to update you on several important items regarding your health and safety while you are a student at Carroll Community College. The faculty and staff have worked all summer to provide an educational experience that focuses on the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. We have created a variety of procedures that will decrease risk including an increased variety of instructional formats, new guidelines for campus access, and protocols for visiting campus.  The College will remain closed to the general public, but we welcome our credit and non-credit students back to campus on Monday, August, 31, 2020. We encourage prospective students to explore both credit and non-credit course offerings by visiting: https://www.carrollcc.edu/Apply-and-Register/. We will continue to offer virtual appointments for all credit student services, and prospective students who need face to face assistance for non-credit class registration can call 410-386-8100.  

    All activities have been organized to minimize face-to-face contact, while also implementing best practices from federal, state, local and professional agencies to promote safety through physical distancing and the wearing of cloth face coverings that cover the mouth and nose, at all times. Our plans have been approved by the Carroll County Health Department and we are fully prepared to adapt our plans with updated guidance from the state, the Commissioners of Carroll County or the Carroll County Health Department.

    Below, you’ll find a list of our screening guidelines and the specific safety procedures that we will adhere to throughout the fall semester.

    Screening– Self Disclosure via Online or Paper Questionnaire

    • Each day you will need to complete an online screening form ( https://www.carrollcc.edu/campuscheckin/).  Complete the form prior to leaving for campus. Based on the responses, you will receive entry results, a Green Check for Permission to come to campus or a Red X for Denied Access, in both your browser and an email. You will need to show the email with the timestamp of your Check-In status to the College appointed designee. Please Do Not come to campus if you received a Red X
    • If you do not have access to an electronic status from the screening tool, you will need to complete a paper questionnaire to assess for potential COVID-19 infection or exposure. A College representative will take your temperature.
    • Anyone who self-identifies a health issue within the questionnaire needs to stay home or will be denied access and instructed not to return to campus until the issue has been resolved or they provide a release note from their healthcare provider.
    • We implore all students that if they feel ill that they stay home and contact their instructor.  All efforts will be made to help you to catch up on missed work. 

    Safety Procedures

    • Cloth face coverings that cover both the nose and mouth must be worn by everyone everywhere on campus at all times.
      • If a student has a licensed healthcare provider’s note documenting a valid medical reason for not wearing a face covering then a face shield will be accepted as an alternative.
      • Students are required to provide a copy of their licensed healthcare provider’s note to Dr. DaVida Anderson at danderson3@carrollcc.edu.
    • Physical distancing requirements per Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines will be marked appropriately and enforced in all areas of campus, including classrooms, labs, common areas, restrooms, the Learning Resource Center, and office areas.
    • We reduced seating in classrooms, labs, and common areas to accommodate physical distancing.
    • We reduced available fixtures (commode, urinal, sink) in all restrooms to accommodate physical distancing.
    • Elevators have restricted usage for one person at a time.
    • Hand-sanitizer dispensers are available at building entrances, high traffic areas, and all classrooms.
    • Cleaning and sanitation protocols include cleaning by faculty, students, and staff after every instructional activity or meeting.
    • Thorough cleaning of all classrooms and common areas by facilities staff will occur each evening, using an “N list” disinfectant on high touch surfaces multiple times per day, and cleaning supplies are available in every classroom and lab.
    • CDC “Stop the Spread” information fliers are posted in all classrooms, restrooms, common areas and office suites.
    • We are providing training to students, faculty, and staff on safe practices and procedure on campus.

    Campus Services

    • The College’s Fitness Center and Gym will be closed to students except for Athletes for conditioning and those students who are required to access the Fitness Center or Gym for classes.
    • The Cafe will not be open until further notice. Vending machines will be stocked.
    • The Learning Resource Center (Library) and the Academic Center (tutoring services) will be available for registered students as will virtual services.
    • All Student Services including Admissions, Advising and Transfer, Career Development, Financial Aid, and Student Life will continue virtually but appointments can be made while students are on campus.

    Additional detailed information, including what to do if you receive a positive test or have been in close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19, can be found by visiting: https://www.carrollcc.edu/covid-19/

    We are thrilled that you’ve chosen Carroll Community College for this unprecedented fall semester. We pledge to every member of our campus community that we will do our best to keep you safe while helping you achieve your higher education goals.


    Dr. Rose Mince 

    Libby Trostle
    Vice President, Continuing Education & Training