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  • Humanities and Communication

    Students interested in English, history, philosophy or foreign languages gain a solid grounding in the complex issues and ideas that have changed the world and how those ideas have shaped our lives today.

  • Career Information

    The humanities include the broad, interdisciplinary study of history, philosophy, literature and culture. Similarly, communication encompasses the study of many subjects including English and foreign languages, and the study of human communication and its specializations. Skills common to disciplines across the humanities and communication fields include critical thinking, sharing information through oral and written methods, persuasion and clarification of ideas, evaluation and interpretation of information, organization information, attention to detail, and the ability to summarize. 

    Humanities Careers

    Students in the humanities often prepare for careers in higher education, law, teaching, and government/public service. Consequently, many students majoring in the humanities will continue their education beyond a Bachelor’s degree with an advanced degree. Graduates in the humanities are employed in every type of organization or business and can be found in a variety of settings and industries dependent upon their specialization.

    Communication Careers

    Students of communication can be found in a variety of settings and industries dependent upon their specialization. English majors may pursue careers in education, the creative arts, technical writing, journalism, public relations, program management, blogs and journalism. Foreign language students, with an understanding of language and culture, are valued by many organizations operating within global markets in an array of occupations.  Job titles include, but are not limited to:

    • Author
    • Instructor
    • Editor
    • Website Content Writer
    • Journalist
    • Playwright
    • Media Planner
    • Blogger
    • Researcher
    • Proofreader
    • Public Information Officer
    • Bilingual Educator
    • Translator
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • Linguist
    • Interpreter
    • Cultural Officer
    • Public Relations

    Transfer Information

    • Guaranteed transfer with the AA degree (must be competitive for selective admissions options) to public schools in MD
    • Seamless transfer to out of state schools if you work closely with an academic advisor
    • Great merit-based scholarship opportunities at public and private schools for high achieving community college students
    • Special transfer agreements to various schools. Please visit Area of Study web pages for specifics.
    • If you plan to study foreign languages, look for a school with good study abroad programs. Also check out the free federally funded opportunities at

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