VisualStudio Art Program Goals

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Visual Art program is to equip graduates with both the studio and creative skills essential to preparing them for a range of art related jobs or acceptance into degree-granting institutions. To this end, we provide students with experience in a full range of art media and a variety of instructional methods designed to lay a broad foundation in studio production. Additionally, students are exposed to the role of art in culture and diversity in the making of art world-wide. The program emphasizes analytical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking skills conducive not only to the making of art but to life-long learning

    Program Goals

    • Goal 1: The students will demonstrate skillful methods and appropriate use of materials/tools specific to the studio media.
    • Goal 2: The students will demonstrate understanding of the elements of principles of design theory in the creation of aesthetically sound works of art.
    • Goal 3: The students will demonstrate the effective articulation of concepts and perform the evaluation of works of art, (theirs and others), in the form of verbal critique.
    • Goal 4: The students will demonstrate knowledge of art historical and cultural awareness relative to the studio medium.
    • Goal 5: The students will compile and maintain a body of work in portfolio form which clearly defines their artistic development and maturity.


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