Career & Professional Development

High School Diploma Options

  • Earning a high school diploma is the first step towards getting a better job and furthering your education. Adult education classes are free for adults who are 18 and older and not required to be enrolled in high school. 

    Adults in Carroll County can earn a high school diploma by passing the  GED® tests.

  • Diploma Preparation Classes

    Free diploma preparation classes are offered throughout the year. Participants must be 18 and older and not be enrolled in school. Purchase of books is recommended. You must attend one 3.5-hour orientation session where you will:

    • Meet other students and program staff
    • Learn more about the GED® exam
    • Complete reading and math assessments, which determine your placement
    • Meet with an advisor to create your schedule

    Call 410-386-8630 or send an e-mail to to register for an upcoming session.

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    Plan Your Career

    Career Navigator is available to current students and graduates of any Adult Education program.