Entertainment Technology Certificate

Mission Statement

The mission of the Entertainment Technology program is to provide knowledge, skills and hands-on learning in the application of electrical, lighting, audio and video in order to prepare technicians for the workforce in various venues across the country. Students will engage in technician best practices that support live events based on industry standards. The ongoing mentoring relationship between faculty and students is designed to nurture a student’s multimedia communication skills through academic and professional opportunities.

Program Goals

  1. Utilize electrical, lighting and acoustical theories and designs pertaining to live events.
  2. Identify the types and purposes of all audio, lighting, video, stage rigging and set construction equipment used for live events.
  3. Demonstrate the proficient use of industry-standard audio, lighting, video, stage rigging and set construction equipment. 
  4. Engage in the entire production process for live events.
  5. Engage in technician best practices that support live events through hands-on experience.
  6. Visualize and create basic scenic, lighting, audio and video designs. 

Entertainment Technology Certificate

Program Director: Jane Frazier Phone: 410-386-8279 Email: This certificate prepares audiovisual system specialists who are needed to support the specialized communication needs for businesses of all types. These multimedia specialists need advanced training in industry-specific technology that supports a multitude of presenting venues that in-turn support educational, corporate, and entertainment events. Audiovisual system specialists are employed at conference centers, hotels, theaters, houses of worship, sports arenas, museums, theme parks, and other venues with integrated, high technology communication needs. Training and responsibilities for these specialized technicians in this emerging field span many disciplines including microcomputer applications; computer hardware, operating systems, and networking; drafting and home technology integration.

Entertainment Technology Certificate