Exercise Science Concentration, Arts & Sciences AA

ExSciWork out a rewarding career in Exercise Science!

Carroll’s Exercise Science program, taught by professional and certified faculty, moves you toward a lucrative career in Exercise Science, Kinesiology or Sports Medicine.

Exercise Science is an applied science that focuses on the body's responses and adaptations during and after regular exercise or sports training for the purposes of improving athletic performance, health, fitness or quality of life.

Students of the program study the biological, physiological and behavioral aspects of human movement and performance. They apply this knowledge to the care of healthy individuals and those who are at high risk for chronic health conditions and injuries. Some professionals focus on fitness, health and disease prevention while others focus on treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Students who earn an AAS degree in Exercise Science learn how to design safe and effective exercise programs for healthy to moderate risk individuals.

What can I do with an AAS degree in Exercise Science?

Exercise Science has many sub-disciplines including exercise physiology, clinical exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, motor learning and control, sports and exercise psychology, sports medicine, athletic training and physical therapy. 

Students who complete the required discipline, general education and highly recommended courses will be prepared to pursue a career in one or more of the above sub-disciplines or to transfer to a four-year institution's Exercise Science, Kinesiology or Human Performance program. 

Carroll is the place to complete your associate’s degree in Exercise Science, prepare for a fitness or clinical certification, and transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Why choose Carroll’s AAS in Exercise Science program?

  • Hands-on, practical courses to build skills needed for a career in Exercise Science
  • Personal training and health coaching certification preparation courses
  • Internships available, as well as part-time employment opportunities on and off-campus through county business partners
  • Letter of Recognition–Personal Training and Sports Medicine Aide Certificate programs also available


"My experience with getting my AA in Exercise Science through Carroll was great. I met many other aspiring Exercise Science majors and teachers at Carroll that helped me stay on the right path toward success. All the teachers that I had for my degree went above and beyond to help me reach my goals. They were even willing to help after scheduled class hours with anything I didn't get a full grasp on. Carroll is a great place to gain further knowledge and meet other professionals in the Exercise Science field."

Alec Cascardo, 2018 graduate in Exercise Science 

"Earning my Associate’s atCarroll Community College gave me a strong and confident education foundation,which allowed me to accomplish my goal of transferring and receiving myBachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland, College Park." 

Ashley Lemmon, Exercise Science Program graduate

“One month after ending my active duty service with the Marine Corps, I begancoursework at Carroll in Exercise Science. I was set up for success both intransferring to a bachelor’s degree program after completion of the AA, andthrough an ACSM personal trainer workshop that lead to my first certificationin the field. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to get into the Exercise Science field."

Kurt Udseth, Jr. Exercise Science Program graduate, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Sarge Athletics

Exercise Science Concentration, Arts & Sciences AA

Program Director: Sharon Brunner Phone: 410-386-8142 Email: The purpose of the Exercise Science Concentration is to prepare students to earn an exercise training certification and/or to continue their studies at the baccalaureate level. Through hands-on experiences and relevant courses, students will develop their knowledge and skills for a career in one or more of the Exercise Science sub-disciplines: exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, sports and exercise psychology, athletic training, or physical therapy. This program supports the college's mission through effective teaching and engaged learning in a caring, student-centered environment. Notes: Credit may be granted for a current industry-recognized certification. The following courses are required for this concentration; some courses fulfill General Education requirements: BIOL-101, BIOL-210, BIOL-211, HES-105, HLTH-101, and PHED-101.

Exercise Science Concentration Arts & Sciences

General Education Requirements

Exercise Science Concentration Electives

  • Take 15 elective credits: Refer to ARTSYS and the receiving institution's catalog to select transferable courses as necessary to meet the 60 credit degree total.

General Education Diversity Requirement

  • Take 2 Diversity-designated General Education courses (courses used to satisfy other requirements may also satisfy this requirement):

Faculty Spotlight

Sharon Brunner, MS, ACSM-CPT

Education: MS, Towson University; BS, Ithaca College

Sharon Brunner has been teaching and managing the Health Science and Exercise Science program since 2008. She was an Adjunct Instructor and Program Coordinator for the department for almost a decade prior to her current full-time position. Mrs. Brunner, a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Medicine Level I Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine, has over 25 years of experience as an exercise specialist, wellness coach and freelance health and fitness writer. She is known for her engaging teaching style in HES-105, HES-200, HLTH-101, HLTH-201, PHED-101 and HLTH-210. She also teaches many of the online courses for the department.

Katelyn Dillon, MEd, ATC, LAT

Education: MEd, Auburn University; BS, James Madison University

Katelyn Dillon, a certified and licensed athletic trainer in Maryland, is an Instructor for Health Science and Exercise Science. She is the Athletic Trainer for Carroll’s intercollegiate sports program coming in Fall 2019. Prior to Carroll, she worked as an athletic trainer for Catholic University and Damascus High School and as a field services representative for DJO Global, a provider of orthopedic brace services. She brings significant knowledge and experience in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. She teaches HLTH-101, HLTH-210, PHED-101 and HES-110.

Advisory Boards

Our curriculum is designed and continuously reviewed by an advisory board of industry experts and business leaders, ensuring the program meets all current skill and knowledge requirements. You can visit our Advisory Boards page to see the list of Business and Accounting Advisory Board members, as well as advisory board members for our other programs.


This concentration provides students with the background necessary for transfer into a four-year institution's Exercise Science or Kinesiology program.

Because four-year institutions vary in their requirements, Carroll Community College students are expected to check with their chosen transfer institution and consult a Carroll academic advisor and ARTSYS to select courses that will transfer toward their bachelor's degree. Most bachelor's degree institutions will accept 60 credits at transfer.

Carroll has transfer agreements with virtually every public college and university in Maryland, as well as many other schools in Maryland and across the country. Learn more about transferring your courses to a different institution or explore Transfer Agreements by area of study.

Additionally, this program provides students with preparation courses to earn personal training and fitness certifications to begin working in the industry.

Where Can You Go?

Exercise Science graduates can find jobs in commercial, corporate and private fitness companies, physical therapy clinics, and athletic training programs at high schools, colleges and sports medicine facilities. They can fill such roles as exercise physiologist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, sports medicine physician and physician’s assistant.

According to the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) most recent salary report, “75% of Exercise Science professionals hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.” Earning one or more national-recognized industry certifications enable these professionals to earn significantly more.

Carroll Exercise Science students have completed internships at Snap Fitness in Mt. Airy, Gold’s Gym Eldersburg, Thrive Fitness in Westminster and Sykesville Physical Therapy. Some have gone on to work at Gold’s Gym Eldersburg as personal trainers and in our own campus fitness center.

To find jobs, search job seeker websites like SimplyHired  or Glassdoor using the key words: Exercise Science or Kinesiology.

Resources for Career Information

What does the AAS – Exercise Science Concentration program cost?

Carroll offers an exceptional education at an extraordinary value. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for the latest rates.  

Need help paying for college? 

Explore the following options:

Which program course electives will transfer to a 4-year institution?  

By using ARTSYS (, students can best plan the necessary courses that will transfer to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution. 

  • For Exercise Science transfer: HES-100, HES-110, HES-200, HIT-111, HLTH-210, MATH-115, PSYC-101, COMM-105, and SOC-101.
  • For Nutritional Science transfer: BIOL-215, BIOL-220 or HLTH-210, CHEM-105, CHEM-106, CHEM-201.
  • For Athletic Training transfer: CHEM-101 or CHEM-105, HES-100, HES-110, PHYS-101 and DVTY-115, HLTH-120 or HLTH-201.
  • For Pre-Physical Therapy transfer: CHEM-101 or CHEM-105, HES-100, HES-110, PHYS-101 and PSYC-201.
  • For Doctor of Physical Therapy, refer to the American Physical Therapy Association's prerequisite science course recommendations for DPT schools at

Credit may be granted for a current industry-recognized certification. For details about program admission requirements, see Admissions Info.

Is financial aid available for the Exercise Science program?  

The Financial Aid Office assists eligible students with meeting their college expenses. Financial assistance is provided through scholarships, grants and employment opportunities.

The purpose of the Exercise Science Concentration is to prepare students to earn an exercise training certification and/or to continue their studies at the baccalaureate level.  Through hands-on experiences and relevant courses, students will develop their knowledge and skills for a career in one or more of the Exercise Science sub-disciplines – exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, sports and exercise psychology, athletic training or physical therapy.  

Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply exercise training principles.
  2. Demonstrate exercise science assessment methods.
  3. Critique scholarly Exercise Science research.
  4. Examine duties and responsibilities of an Exercise Science professional.