Distance Learning

  • With more than 100 distance courses available, and a fully online degree option starting fall 2015, students can choose a format that meets their needs! Carroll uses a learning management system called Blackboard (Bb) for the online component of distance courses. Regular access to the Internet is absolutely required.

    Many Distance Choices!

    Please visit the credit schedule page or Lynx Student Portal for each term's courses, seat availability, and meeting days/times.  


    Online/distance, hybrid, and blended courses are taught by faculty who have the academic credentials and training to deliver quality courses. A variety of academic support services and technical help are available for all distance students. Carroll uses the learning management system called Blackboard (Bb) to deliver distance courses.

    • Online courses, also known as Distance courses, deliver course materials and learning activities completely online. Students may be required to complete activities or take proctored exams or other assessments at a testing center. Instructors facilitate regular asynchronous interaction between students. Dependable access to the internet is absolutely required. The format will be listed as Internet.
    • Hybrid courses meet more than 50% online, along with on-site classroom meetings. Hybrid courses use Blackboard or other learning technologies extensively, and use classroom meetings for lecture, active learning, lab experiences, demonstrations, presentations, performance art, etc. Dependable access to the internet is absolutely required. The format will be listed as Hybrid.
    • Blended courses have a strong on-site classroom component, meeting 50% or less online. Blended courses use Blackboard, or other learning technologies, to post course materials, assignments, or activities. Regular access to the internet is absolutely required. The format will be listed as Blended Course

    What is my next step? To learn more about distance courses, including a fully online degree option, contact Academic Advising at 410-386-8435. Always speak with an Advisor about distance courses and how they fit into your program at Carroll.


    Continuing Education and Training offers a variety of online online non-credit courses through online training partners.  Whether you're interested in learning new job skills or pursing a hobby, we have many courses for you to choose. 

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