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    Being successful in college means balancing competing priorities: academics, work, family, personal relationships and health. InFocus Success Coaches are available to help currently enrolled credit students manage that balancing act—and it’s FREE! 

    Coaching works to make you focused, stay motivated and get things done. Celebrities, CEOs and other successful people use Life Coaches. So can you!

    Let us help you find your purpose, cope with pressure, and follow the path to your goals. We want you to thrive, not just survive!   

    Take advantage of our two approaches: 


    Join small group conversations on topics important to you:

    • Balancing work, relationships and studies
    • Improving your academic performance and grades
    • Plotting a direction for your future—selecting a transfer college, a major or a career
    • Setting goals, reducing stress (e.g. though meditation) and overcoming obstacles 


    Group Name  Dates  Time  Location
    Meditation Wednesdays  3:30 - 4:30 p.m. K211


    Our InFocus Success Coaches are available to talk with you one-on-one. 

    Coaches are members of each Area of Study, so they are familiar with your academic discipline and the paths open to you. Whether you need support in organization, time management, stress management, study skills—we are dedicated to helping you to succeed. 

    Contact one of your Area of Study coaches to schedule an individual appointment. Or you can email to request coaching or more information.

    Kristie Crumley,

    Creative Arts
    Jessi Hardesty, 

    Carole Williamson,
    Jennifer Gertz,

    Health Care Professionals
    Robert Krzanowski,
    Jane Schroeder,
    Tammy Schwaab,

    Humanities and Communication (includingEnglish):
    Kate Fanning (History),
    Don Hoepfer (Philosophy),
    Becki Maurio (World Languages),
    Jody Nusholtz (Creative Writing),

    STEM and Health Sciences:
    Sharon Brunner (Health and Exercise Sciences),  
    Kristin Hadden (Mathematics),

    Social Sciences:
    Amanda DeRose,

    Maya Demishkevich, 
    Tina Hoff,

    "During my second semester at Carroll Community College I joined Stress Management group that is offered by the InFocus Success Coaching as recommended by my teacher. I was able to interact with a group of my peers who supported me and helped me. I was going through a rough point in the semester when I was attending this group. Not only was I able to get some incredibly helpful tips and tricks from my peers and advisor on how to deal with the intense workload but also I was able to find emotional support and the confidence to find therapy through the college. I am so thankful to have had this experience and it has benefited me immensely."

    Carroll student