Help for Students at Risk

  • Experiencing Academic Difficulty

    If you are experiencing difficulty in one or more classes, contact the instructor(s) immediately to discuss the situation. You should also meet with an adviser to discuss the issues you are experiencing. Advisers can direct you to the appropriate resources available on campus such as the Academic Center, Career Development Center and various others.

    If you are on academic probation, due to not meeting the required academic standards, you need to consider the impact anticipated grades will have on your cumulative grade point average (GPA). If you are on academic probation for any three Fall or Spring terms, you will be at risk of suspension from the college for one year, depending on your GPA and how many credits you have attempted. For this reason, it is important to address your academic issues as soon as possible. When you are on academic probation, you are assigned an Academic Adviser who offers support as you work to improve your GPA and achieve good academic standing.

    Reporting of Academic Concerns

    Research has shown that instructors have an impact on student success and retention. As a result, the college encourages instructor intervention when you are having an academic or attendance issue.

    In addition to personally contacting you, your instructor(s) completes an electronic alert form to report the issue to the Advising and Transfer Center and/or the Academic Center, and provides you with a copy of the alert. Through this electronic alert, you are directed to seek the various available referrals and resources to improve your performance.

  • Courses

    COL-099: College Success (1 credit)
    CAR-100: Career Development as a Life Process (3 credits)