Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

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    The Carroll CC BIT (formerly the CARE Team) is a small group of school officials who meet regularly to collect and review concerning information about at-risk community members and develop intervention plans to assist them.

    The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a multi-disciplinary group of diverse professionals on campus who seek to maintain a safe and supportive campus environment by receiving, evaluating, and responding to reports of student behaviors of concern with the purpose of prevention and early intervention. BIT members meet regularly to intake, assess information, and provide students with assistance and resources.

    For Emergency/Imminent Threat: contact Campus Police at 410-386-8123 or dial 911. Any concerns related to Sexual Misconduct should be reported to which will go to the Title IX coordinator, Kiersten Meyers. She will evaluate if the report falls under Title IX, if it does not, she will ask the Behavioral Intervention Team to handle the case. For more information on Title IX or to report your concern please visit

    For non-emergency student concern referrals, please report a concern through Starfish. Starfish is the primary channel to complete a Student Concern Report.

    • All faculty who teach credit courses have access to Starfish
    • All students have access to Starfish

    Starfish can be accessed on the c3 portal, look for the Starfish icon. Alternatively, you can submit a Student report through My Carroll, look for the Report Student Concern icon. Clicking on this icon from the desktop of any college computer will also provide access to complete a Student Concern Report. The webform, Student of Concern & Incident Report Web Form is another channel to complete a Student Concern Report if you do not have access to Starfish and want to report a concern for a student.

    Please contact BIT Chair, DaVida Anderson, at or 410-386-8217 if you have questions or need further assistance.

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