Appointment Tutoring

  • Receive free individual or small group tutoring in most subjects in which you are enrolled. Before participating in tutoring services, review our Tutoring Requirements.

    Sign up for a tutor by first registering on WCONLINE.  If you have received tutoring in the past, you do not need to register again. If you are repeating a course, contact Marsha Nusbaum at before registering.

    If you have any questions regarding tutoring, contact the Academic Center (L288) at 410-386-8300 or

  • Steps to Register

    1. Complete the requested information on WCONLINE.
    2. Save the email and password you used for registering to make future appointments. 
    3. Enter the course number as listed in the Credit Schedule (i.e. MAT 099, MATH 115, BIOL 101, ENGL 101) 
    4. Leave all of the Email Options on the default settings.
    5. Once registered, log in to view available appointments.
    6. Click the "Limit to:" drop box and choose the course needed for tutoring.
    7. Click the desired tutoring time and supply the information requested. 
    8. After making an appointment, you and your tutor will receive an email about the upcoming appointment.