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The Library, Media & Distance Learning department is committed to supporting faculty in the use of multimedia to meet instructional objectives. Examples of multimedia projects range from using lecture-capture in on-site courses* to incorporating streaming videos from the College’s collection into Blackboard, with an emphasis on distance courses.

*[Faculty who teach on-site courses and wish to utilize a DVD or lecture-capture should contact Library/Media Associate Charles Magee at 410-386-8346 or for an initial consultation.]

In order to meet faculty instructional goals and maintain College compliance with copyright laws, requestors are asked to provide the following information for each video project that has been identified. This form should be completed for each individual project and submitted to Library/Media Associate Charles Magee at .

Upon submission of this form, each requestor will be contacted within 2-4 business days to review project details, determine next steps, and establish a timeline for completion.

 * Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Please verify that all required fields have been filled-in before submitting the form.

 * Requester's Name:

 * Email:

 * Phone:

 * Course name / Section number:

 * Semester Needed:

 * Video title AND call number or ISBN:

 * Deadline by which the streaming video project is needed (These projects will require 10-15 business days to complete):

 * Time code (precise minutes/seconds of the clips that you need; e.g., from 1:05 to 5:10):

 * Learning objective for this project: (To assist the College in remaining compliant with Fair Use and copyright laws, a brief rationale is asked for how this streaming video will be used in a distance course to help students meet course objectives. Carroll students can access streaming videos according to the start/end dates of a specific semester; however, the rationale provided for selecting all, or part, of a DVD also ensures that the College remains compliant with Fair Use.)

Other information specific to this video request that will help in its completion:

Please review your request before submitting.