Library Reserve Request Form

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Library Reserve Request Form

Please use this form to place items on reserve (temporary reference) for students to use in the library.

(For Use by Faculty and Staff of Carroll Community College) 

Please allow up to 48 hours for processing before notifying students of availability.




*Office Room Number:

*Office Phone:

Home Phone:

*Course Code, Section:

Length Of Reserve:

If Other enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format:

Completion of this form signifies commitment to comply with the copyright guidelines concerning fair use as stated in the Faculty Handbook.


Personal Copies: 

Do you agree to have your personal items bar-coded for entry in the automated library system?


Do you want a theft protection signal placed on your personal items?


Note: If placing personal copies on reserve, please print this form and send with material. 


Materials to be placed on reserve:

(If you need to place more than six items on reserve please stop by the library circulation desk in person to fill out a hard-copy form):

If Library copy enter Call Number:  
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