Refund Policy

The refund calculation is based on seven percent of the course's instruction time, a figure that is rounded to the nearest full day. For full-term courses, the 100% refund period concludes at the end of the day one calendar week after the start of the term (seven percent of the instruction time for the course).

Course Deadline Dates

The following dates are for courses that start and end on the full-term dates.

Term Term
Summer 1 June 1 June 3 June 19 July 2
Summer 2 June 1 June 5 July 13 Aug 7
Summer 3 June 15 June 18 July 16 Aug 7
Summer 4 July 7 July 9 July 27 Aug 7
Fall Aug. 31 Sept. 8 Nov. 4 Dec. 18
Winter Jan. 4 Jan. 5 Jan. 19 Jan. 29

If your course deviates from the above full-term schedule, review the chart below. Speak with the Records Office staff, 410-386-8440, if you have questions about deadline dates or schedule change processes.

For courses that encompass less than the full term, the 100% refund period is calculated using the following chart (allowing seven percent of the instruction time for the course).

 2015 Fall Term

 Course  Start Date  100% Refund  W/Audit  End Date  Staff
 BUAD-101-65  Aug. 31  Sept. 3  Sept. 28  Oct. 16  
 CIS-101-65A  Aug. 31  Sept. 3  Sept. 28  Oct. 16  
 EDUC-204-65  Oct. 27  Oct. 30  Nov. 23  Dec. 8  
 ENG-A-E-11  Sept. 21  Sept. 28  Nov. 5  Dec. 18  
 READ A-F 07  Sept. 21  Sept. 28  Nov. 4  Dec. 18  
 ENGL-101-75B  Oct. 5  Oct. 9  Nov. 18  Dec. 18  
 ENGL-198-01  Oct. 6  Oct. 12  Nov. 10  Dec. 18  
 MGMT-201-65  Oct. 26  Oct. 29  Nov. 23  Dec. 18  
 MKTG-201-65  Oct. 26  Oct. 29  Nov. 23  Dec. 18  
 PSYC-101-75A  Sept. 14  Sept. 16  Oct. 7  Oct. 23  
 PTA-242-01  Aug. 31  Sept. 3  Sept. 28  Oct. 16  
 PTA-243-01  Oct. 19  Oct. 22  Nov. 19    


Deleting or Dropping a Course

To qualify for a refund, you need to officially drop the course(s) prior to the end of the refund period. Refunds are not given for dropped courses after the refund date. If you are a student in good standing you may drop the course(s) via WebAdvisor during the refund period. WebAdvisor will allow a drop until 11:59 p.m. on the deadline day.

If you are ineligible to add/drop via WebAdvisor, because of Dual Enrollment, probation, have not completed ENGL-101 and General Education Math within 24 credits, etc., you must see an adviser by 7 p.m. on the deadline day for permission to change your schedule.

Use the Schedule Change/Drop Add form (PDF) for the following situations:

  • unable to drop courses during the refund period using WebAdvisor
  • drop classes after the refund period, but before the withdrawal deadline

You can provide the completed form in-person, by mail or by fax. Completed forms received after the refund period require a signature from an adviser or instructor.

If you fail to attend or stop attending a course, and do not formally drop the course in writing prior to the refund deadline, you continue to be financially responsible for all tuition and fees related to the course and receive final grades earned for that course. This refund policy applies to all students who have registered for courses.

Refunds are credited against the original form of payment. However, if you have any outstanding debt to the college, your refunds are first automatically applied to the payment of the debt.

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