Course Abstract Details

FN-100, Personal Finance

Credits: 3

This is a General Education Course

Course Description

FN-100, Personal Finance, equips students with the knowledge and skills to make financial decisions that contribute to overall well-being. Major topics include financial planning, the time value of money, tax planning, cash and credit card management, consumer loans, insurance, investments, and retirement and estate planning. Prequisite: READ-099 and MAT-097 with "C" grades or better. Three hours lecture each week. Three credits. Three billable hours. GENERAL EDUCATION

Course Objectives and Grading Information

Course Objectives:  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: 

1. Describe the relationship between financial decision making and the multiple dimensions of wellness. (GE GOAL 7) 

2. Create a personal financial plan and budget that meets personal goals and promotes a state of well-being. (GE GOAL 7) 

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the time value of money by calculating future and present values. (GE GOAL 3) 

4. Develop tax planning strategies that will minimize tax liability. (GE GOALS 2, 3) 

5. Identify strategies to effectively manage cash and credit cards. (GE GOAL 2) 

6. Determine when it is appropriate to assume personal debt and make appropriate decisions on student, home, and auto loans. (GE GOAL 2) 

7. Articulate the role of life, health, property, and liability insurance in personal financial planning and develop strategies for managing the associated costs. (GE GOAL 2) 

8. Manage wealth through the use of informed investment strategies that include consideration of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. (GE GOAL 2) 

9. Estimate financial needs in retirement and develop a plan to meet anticipated needs. (GE GOALS 1, 2) 

10. Develop estate planning strategies that will achieve personal goals. (GE GOALS 2, 7) 

11. Research and analyze financial information using appropriate technology. (GE GOAL 4)

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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